Andrey Ovchinnikov

Quarta project manager

14 years of experience in the field of IT in a Chinese vendor manufacturer of telecommunications equipment ZTE Corporation. All this is associated with a wide range of telecommunications equipment. For 14 years, he traveled from an engineer, a project manager to a technical department manager in the CIS office. The main direction of fixed communications (telephony, GPON, DWDM and others). The main experience is the management of the organization. Open for communication!

About Quarta project

The Quarta project allows companies engaged in daily rental housing to optimize costs and carry out business expansion without increasing staff. The basis of the project is the direction to solve the «pains» business of daily rental housing. One of these pains is handing over keys to guests. At the moment, when expanding a business, this leads to discomfort in terms of waiting for a guest and in lost time of searching for a loyal client if the guest refuses to check in due to the manager’s long wait. The development of the project takes place in close cooperation with representatives of this business. The project has a friendly business implementation.

Quarta is a system for settling guests without handing over the keys.
The number of occupied guests is 25% higher without increasing staff

Such indicators are achieved by simplifying the process of settling guests without handing over the keys. The solution is used for both new and regular guests. A technical solution is installed in the apartment, which is managed through an administrator’s personal account, and the guest is given personal access to the apartment for a specified period. A guest can independently open an apartment through the Quarta mobile app. Thus, the administrator does not need to transfer the keys to the Guest. Guest App is implemented both Android and for iPhone. If the administrator only needs to show the apartment, he can do it remotely, openly and closed through his personal account, then the most economical time to get to the apartment. An effective resource allocation system is an increase in profits!

Quarta system consists of


  • Works on Wi-Fi
  • No need to charge
  • No need to change batteries in it
  • Connects directly to a wall outlet
  • Works in conjunction with the bolt loc

Personal account

  • Access code generation
  • Tracking lock status
  • Management of apartments from one place
  • Providing access to your apartment for guests
  • Restricting access to the apartment at any time
  • Change in the system = new access code to the apartment
  • Full control of the situation

Mobile app

  • Enter the access code
  • Limited access to the apartment
  • Opening and closing the apartment door
  • All the necessary information for the guest settlement
  • Built-in card
  • Drawing up a route to the apartment

Quarta develops with you. If you do not find the desired service, it is always ready to add.

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